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Monster High (Lexikon)!
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Die Tagebuch-Kontinuität ist one of the three main Monster High Kontinuitäten, told through the Tagebücher that are included mit several lines of dolls. Die Tagebuch-Kontinuität lightly overlaps mit the Webisoden-Kontinuität, in that most storyline events are either confirmed to happen in both or implied to happen in both. However, those events do not occur in exactly the same way or in exactly the same order between the Kontinuitäten, which causes them to be separate Kontinuitäten.

Die Tagebuch-Kontinuität ist a little less story-heavy than the other Kontinuitäten, aber makes up für that by offering a level of insight into the Charakter that no other Kontinuität does. Technically, the Tagebuch-Kontinuität encompasses all the information in the doll logs, aber it's almost only the Tagebücher that form a storyline.

The fact the Tagebücher are created by a small team makes their Kontinuität a flexible one. The Tagebücher are prone to contain clever explanations to tidbits in both their own Kontinuität und the webisodes', which makes them a vibrant read. On the downside, the Kontinuität ist completely dependent on the doll releases. If a certain character does not have a release in one of the Tagebuch-containing lines at a certain moment, their story either doesn't continue in sync mit the other Charakter stories und may have to be awkwardly get back on in a Tagebuch Eintrag of a later date, or it ist only told through the limited perspective of other Charakter.


Though the Tagebuch entries mention the date they were written, they neglect to mention the Jahr, leaving the order a bit muddled. On account of all Tagebücher in a line sharing mention of at least one event, such as the fight between Clawd und Spectra in the School's Out Tagebücher, it ist certain that the Tagebücher of a line describe the months of the same Jahr as one another. Keeping this in mind, the order appears to be as follows:

Vor einem Jahrhundert:

Jahr 0:

Jahr 1:

Jahr 2:

Der Stardoll chat mit Draculaura bestätigte, dass ihr Sweet 1600 im Jahr 2012 stattfindet. Deshalb wäre das Jahr 2 gleichzusetzen mit 2012, Jahr 1 mit 2011 und Jahr 0 mit 2010.


Die Tagebuch-Kontinuität has few outright Kontinuitäts-Fehler, aber there are holes in the storyline. Most of these can be explained away mit a bit of fan creativity, aber the canon itself ist silent on the matter.

  • Frankies Jahr 1, 26. August Eintrag has ihr crying für the first time, an aspect of being alive that she wasn't aware of until then. However, ihr Jahr 1, 26. Juni Eintrag has ihr casually mentioning ihr mother crying of joy.
  • Deuces Jahr 1, 18. Juli Eintrag has ihn meeting Jackson on the casketball court. However, Holts Tagebuch states that er didn't move to the city until Jahr 1, 23. Juli.
  • Holt mentions going on a date mit Operetta in his Jahr 1, 10. August Eintrag. Er also states that Operetta's Vater ist a teacher at Monster High in his Jahr 1, August 20 Eintrag. Several School's Out'</i> Tagebücher corroborate that Operetta ist a student at Monster High in Jahr 1. However, Operetta's Tagebuch beginnt in Jahr 2, und details how she und ihr family move to the city in that Jahr.
  • Cleo calls herself a crown princess in ihr Jahr 1, August 19 Eintrag. This ist Nefera's title, not Cleo's, as confirmed by Cleo's Jahr 1, Oktober 22 Eintrag und Nefera's Jahr 2, August 25 Eintrag.
  • In ihr Jahr 1, September 15 Eintrag, Draculaura says she broke up mit Jackson because er never showed up to their dates. She specifies that the breaking point was a party that according to Holts Tagebuch was on Jahr 1, August 3. However, Draculaura was very much in love mit Jackson until much later according to Clawdeen's Jahr 1, September 5 Eintrag.
  • Holts Tagebuch ends in Jahr 1, September 5, und makes it clear er does not know about his alter ego Jackson. Jackson beginnt his Eintrag of Jahr 2, 9. Sebtember mit the revelation er und Jackson have learned about their dual nature. This ist a rather late Eintrag considering that according to Frankies Jahr 1, November 30 Eintrag, she already knew Jackson und Holt were the same.
  • Jackson's Jahr 2, 9. Sebtember Eintrag states that his mother ist a Jekyll/Hyde und his Vater a fire elemental, und implies it's through his Vater that er ist related to Heath. However, the video game Ghoul Spirit states that it was Jackson und Holts mother who ist the sibling of Heath's Vater.
  • In ihr Jahr 1, August 15 Eintrag, Ghoulia says Cleo started dating Deuce a day after breaking up mit Clawd. According to C.A.'s Jahr 0, November 1 Eintrag, both events happened on the same day.
  • C.A.'s Jahr 0, November 2 Eintrag describes the route to C.A.'s broadcast studio to involve going "all the way up a winding set of stairs". This ist an unlikely direction if C.A.'s Sweet 1600 back-of-the-box story ist to be believed, which states ihr studio to be located in the catacombs.
  • Scarah und Hoodude go mit each other to the fall athletics banquet in the Jahr 2, November entries. Scarah's Eintrag claims its on the 18th, Hoodude's on the 8th. Since a date-typo in Hoodude's Tagebuch ist more likely than in Scarah's because Scarah writes ihr dates out, the event wahrscheinlich takes place on the 18th.

Vor einem JahrhundertBearbeiten

19. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Robeccas Vater makes some adjustments on ihr to make ihr stunts safer, aber doesn't have time to fix ihr external clock before er has.

20. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Robecca misses the train und ist forced to return to Kindergrubber's boarding house für the day. She sends a telegraph to ihr Vater to inform ihn of this und that she'll leave tomorrow. On the upside, she ist now able to attend Draculauras gala birthday ball in the company of the Steins.

21. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - At the ball, Robecca pleasantly meets Draculaura, aber has an unsettling experience when one of the guests denies ihr identity as monster. However, the Steins und Dracula come to ihr defense, making ihr feel good again.

22. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Robecca tries to leave by train again, aber there's a dragon blocking the rail road who appears to be preparing für hibernation.

1. OktoberBearbeiten

15px - Robecca spends ihr day in the company of the Steins, unknowingly answering questions they have in regards to making a teenage daughter of their own one day. Robecca asks Dr. Stein if er could help ihr mit the problem of ihr internal clock, aber er answers that er can't.

15. OktoberBearbeiten

15px - Robecca receives a telegraph from ihr Vater informing ihr that er will be part of an expedition into the catacombs. Robecca misses ihn dearly.

Jahr 0Bearbeiten

10. AugustBearbeiten

15px - For ihr first assignment as Cupid, C.A. ist sent to Monster High to gain practical knowledge. She receives a high-tech bow und arrows from ihr Vater.

13. AugustBearbeiten

15px - C.A. keep a low profile during ihr first days at Monster High.

25. AugustBearbeiten

15px - C.A. makes Clawd und Cleo fall in love, believing them to be a perfect couple.

20. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - C.A. observes that Clawd und Cleo are not the perfect couple she thought they would be, partly because they have separate interests in life, partly because Cleo ist falling in love mit Deuce Gorgon despite the spell.

1. NovemberBearbeiten

15px - Cleo und Clawd break up. C.A. ponders ihr mistakes in making them fall in love. Cleo und Deuce begin their relationship.

2. NovemberBearbeiten

15px - Headless Headmistress Bloodgood gives C.A. access to a broadcast studio all to herself. Bloodgood suggests she uses it instead of ihr bow und arrows.

16. NovemberBearbeiten

15px - C.A. launches ihr program und finds it a success mitin hours.

Jahr 1Bearbeiten


15px - Cleo describes ihr own greatness following advice from ihr Vater.

26. JuniBearbeiten

15px - Frankie deals mit ihr first day alive. It's not clear whether the Eintrag was written on 26. Juni or a few days afterwards.

30. JuniBearbeiten

15px - Frankie does not know what to write in ihr Tagebuch bar ihr confusion mit being alive.
15px - Lagoona returns from a visit to ihr cousins up north.

1. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Deuce ist already dreading going back to school.

3. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Cleo ist bored.

4. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Draculaura ist enjoying ihr day.

10. JuliBearbeiten

15px - The De Niles receive a shipment of things from their home in Egypt. Cleo additionally receives a baby cobra, whom she calls Hissette.

14. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Clawdeen ist having a terrible day, aber Crescent does well in cheering ihr up.

15. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Frankie ist excited by ihr first encounter mit rain und ihr Vater goes mit ihr to play in it.
15px - Draculaura takes a walk in the rain to look at ihr vegetable garden.
15px - Clawdeen hates rain because it affects ihr hair, so she gives herself a new short haircut.
15px - Cleo secretly loves to dance around in the rain, aber she has to keep ihr Vater from seeing.
15px - Deuce can't skate because of the rain.
15px - Lagoona loves the wet weather und goes out für a walk on the beach.
15px - Ghoulia gets caught near the mailbox by the rain und ist soaked by the time she shuffles back inside ihr home.

16. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Frankie ist worried that she'll be overexcited at school.
15px - Deuce wants to make a ghoulash recipe aber his mother won't let ihn.
15px - Ghoulia wakes up mit a cold und ist cared für by Sir Hoots A Lot.

17. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Frankie complains about ihr dad being a morning person while she ist not.

18. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Cleo spends the day choosing this Jahr's fearleading uniforms und routines.
15px - Deuce goes to the park to play casketball und ends up meeting Jackson.
15px - Lagoona hangs out mit Draculaura und Clawdeen, und they all get pizza und try on bathing suits.

20. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Lagoona goes surfing und teaches some gremlins how to catch a wave.

21. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Draculauras dad buys ihr clothing für school, which Draculaura intends to exchange für something more ihr style.
15px - Lagoona invites everyone to a nighttime beach bonfire.

22. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Lagoona accidentally wipes out on the beach in front of some cute guys.

23. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Holt wakes up in the cab of a moving truck und deduces his family ist moving again. Er hopes they'll get to settle für a little longer this time.

25. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Ghoulia beginnt reading a comic book series called Dead Fast.
15px - Holt tries to stay up to see his new home at daytime, aber falls asleep as er has done every time day breaks für as long as er can remember.

26. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Draculaura gets a new neighbor: Jackson.

27. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Holt puts up flyers at the Maul to advertise his DJ business.

31. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Ghoulia has a crush on another zombie, wahrscheinlich Slow-Moe, aber ist to shy to approach ihn about it.

1. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Holt takes a stroll throught the neigborhood mit Crossfade to learn about the inhabitants.

3. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Holt dances mit Draculaura at a party und mentions ihr name afterwards, leaving Draculaura perplexed er knows ihr despite that she doesn't know ihn. Holt doesn't know where er knows ihr from either.

4. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Clawdeen hates having to share a room mit ihr ill-mannered sister Howleen.

7. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Draculaura takes a casketberry pie to the Jekylls' house to welcome the family to the neighborhood. She immediately takes a shine to Jackson.
15px - Clawdeen ponders on what ihr outfit für the first day of school should be.

9. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Lagoona goes to the Maul und sees Cleo, so they go shopping together.

10. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Clawdeen tries a new hair remover für werewolves. It doesn't work.
15px - Lagoona hangs out mit ihr dad und talks about school.
15px - Holt goes on a date mit Operetta und gets into a fight mit a gargoyle who accidentally bumps into ihr. Operetta und Holt get kicked, earning ihn ihr ire.

11. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Holts mother hears about the failed date from Operetta's Vater und talks mit Holt about his temper.

15. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Draculaura und Clawdeen go through the former's huge closet für clothes to donate to Ghoul Will. Draculaura makes sure to get Clawdeen und ihr large family some clothes too.
15px - Clawdeen und Draculaura go through the latter's huge closet für clothes to donate to Ghoul Will. Clawdeen accepts some clothes of Draculaura für ihr und ihr family.
15px - Ghoulia arrives at the Maul late und doesn't reach the shoe store before it closes, which it does five minutes too early. Clawdeen appears und forces the store lurk to treat Ghoulia respectfully. Ghoulia laments that Clawdeen ist mad at Cleo für dumping ihr brother.

17. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Jackson goes to Draculauras house to return the pie plate und meets ihr Vater.

18. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Perseus eats all of Deuces mother's fetid cheese, leaving Deuce to protect ihn from ihr.

19. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Clawdeen goes to the Maul mit ihr brother Clawd und spots Deuce Gorgon checking out cookbooks. She teases ihn, which angers Deuce, aber Clawd prevents the matter from escalating.
15px - Deuce checks out cookbooks at the Maul, aber ist bothered by Clawdeen. Er prepares to petrify ihr, aber learns she ist shopping mit ihr brother Clawd und er has no desire to get into a conflict mit a fellow casketball player.
15px - Cleo runs into Clawdeen at the Maul, which results in a fight. Cleo ist so upset that she forgets she needs to buy a new night light.

20. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Cleo ist tired because she didn't get much sleep on account of not having a night light und being afraid of the dark.
15px - Ghoulia meets Frankie und ist charmed by ihr inquisitive nature.
15px - Holt thinks about taking night classes.

21. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Clawdeen tries a new hair style und finds herself glad ihr hair always grows back quickly.

22. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Draculaura tries to talk Clawdeen into joining the Fear Squad, aber Clawdeen isn't interested in the least.

23. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Frankie goes to the Maul to shop für clothes mit ihr mother, aber isn't very interested in ihr mother's old-timey suggestions. She meets Clawdeen und Draculaura, who take ihr shopping to stores carrying fashion more suited für the now und Draculaura invites ihr to try out für the Fear Squad.
15px - Draculaura goes to the Maul mit Clawdeen to exchange the clothes ihr Vater bought. The two meet Frankie und take ihr shopping. Draculaura suggests that Frankie tries out für the fearleading squad.
15px - Clawdeen comes along mit Draculaura to the Maul und meets Frankie. They decide to help educate Frankie in picking ihr fashion.
15px - Cleo goes on a date mit Deuce, where she ist highly demunding of ihn und of the waitstaff at the restaurant. She ist oblivious to Deuces discomfort mit ihr behavior.
15px - Deuce goes on a date mit Cleo to a restaurant. Er hardly enjoys it due to Cleo's demunding attitude towards both ihn und the waitstaff.

24. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Frankies dad ist working on a special project in the laboratory und Frankie wonders if she'll be getting a sibling. When she asks ihr mom, she ist flabberghasted Frankie would think such a thing.
15px - Draculaura misses fearleading practice because Count Fabulous has a mothball.

25. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Draculaura relates how every Jahr around ihr birthday, ihr Vater tries to convince ihr to start drinking blood again.
15px - Deuce tries to convince his mother to let ihn get a driver's licence, aber ends up getting his skateboard taken away.

26. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Frankie breaks out in tears für the first time after ihr parents don't allow ihr to visit a moonlight party on the beach mit Clawdeen und Draculaura. She ist momentarily confused about what ist happening to ihr eyes, aber ihr parents explain it's natural und that just because she can't go to a party this time, doesn't mean she won't have an opportunity ever again.

28. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Frankies dad finishes his special project und give it to Frankie: a pet made from the best elements of several pets combined. Frankie ist elated und calls ihn Watzit.

29. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Draculaura goes walking mit Jackson und ist shocked when er asks ihr to turn ihn into a vampire so er will fit in at Monster High. Draculaura explains she can't do that because sie ist a vegetarian und assures ihn er'll fit in as a human just fine.

31. AuguststBearbeiten

15px - Ghoulia receives ihr "Zombies Are Monsters, Too" t-shirt und bumper sticker in the mail, aber while she wants to make a statement, she ist too shy to wear the t-shirt openly.

1. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Frankie loses a limb für the first time when ihr arm flies off while playing mit Watzit. Her Vater teaches ihr how to put herself back together.
15px - Draculaura works on a newsletter für Vampires Advocating Meatless Protein (VAMP).
15px - Cleo hangs out mit Ghoulia und they plan their classes together.
15px - Ghoulia hangs out mit Cleo und they plan their classes together. Ghoulia reminisces on how Cleo helped ihr break out of ihr social anxieties.
15px - Deuce gets his regular pre-school letter about keeping his shades on.
15px - Lagoona tries to schedule regular pool time between the classes of the upcoming school Jahr.

5. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Draculaura takes Jackson to the Wolfs' annual end of summer boo-b-que.
15px - At the BBQ, Clawdeen worries about the human boy Jackson that Draculaura brought along until er und Clawd start talking about football. She suspects that Draculaura has a crush on Jackson.
15px - Holt writes a song about his life.

6. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Frankie receives ihr Monster High welcome letter, which also happens to be the first letter she receives in ihr unlife.
15px - Draculaura looks forward to seeing all ihr friends again aber will miss the freedom of summer.
15px - Clawdeen ist excited für the new school Jahr because she can't wait to be educated enough to start ihr own fashion empire.
15px - Cleo ist not looking forward to mixing mit "the commoners".
15px - Deuce ist bored mit summer, aber not excited about the school Jahr either.
15px - Lagoona spends time in a secret cove by the ocean to relax before the start of school.
15px - Ghoulia ist eager to begin the school Jahr so she can learn und hang out mit ihr friends.

7. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Clawdeen ist surprised by how tough ihr Advanced Creature Economics class turns out to be, aber ist glad she'll be prepared für owning ihr own business.


15px - Draculaura learns the hard way not to look at what's in ihr Vater's side of the fridge.

12. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Clawdeen has a tough day; though dressed to kill, at school she notices she missed a patch on ihr leg when shaving und goes through some emergency procedures to fix the mistake. This ends mit ihr cutting herself mit Draculaura nearby, which leads to ihr friend fainting, whom Clawdeen catches, though at the cost of a snapped heel. With a razor in one hund, an unconscious Draculaura in the other, und a bleeding calf, Purrsephone spots them und starts screaming that Clawdeen ist killing ihr friend. It takes the appearance of Bloodgood to calm the students, aber Clawdeen ends up having to spend the rest of the day barefoot, bundaged und mit detention.

13. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Abbey ist given a tour of Monster High by Headmistress Bloodgood, whom she will be staying mit during the week so that she doesn't have as long a journey to make to und from school.

14. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Clawdeen has broken in ihr new, customized, open-toed soccer cleats.

15. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Cleo has a nightmare about the Fear Squad giving a disastrous performance und decides to practice more.
15px - Frankies dog Watzit gets into mischief while sie ist at school, so she decides to walk ihn more in the mornings.
15px - Draculaura 'breaks up' mit Jackson because er never shows up on dates. She fondly recalls a DJ named Holt Hyde who danced mit ihr one time that Jackson did not show up.
15px - Lagoona receives a custom surfboard from a friend from ihr home down under.

September 17thBearbeiten

15px - Abbey works to learn to speak English. She finds it easier to read und write than to speak, as it ist difficult to find the right expression at the right time.

18. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Spectra gets ihr own gossip column in the school paper. It ist called Oh My Oracle und done anonymously.
15px - Clawd wakes up feeling sore after being hit by an ogre during a big football game the night before. However, they won the game, so er doesn't feel too bad about it.

20. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Cleo means to ask Ghoulia, who ist sitting alone in the creepateria, to sit mit ihr und some friends. Ghoulia ist drawing at the moment und doesn't see Cleo approaching. When Cleo speaks, Ghoulia slams shut ihr notebook und accuses Cleo of wanting to copy ihr notes. Cleo ist hurt by this assumption, aber Ghoulia apologizes later.

21. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Rockseena chews up a pair of Clawdeen's shoes, und Clawd has to both stop Clawdeen from accusing Howleen und pay to replace them.

24. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Frankie admits that she still makes lots of mistakes even though sie ist been at school für a while. One of those ist forgetting to memorize the school's layout, which causes ihr to get lost following a run-in mit a zombie flash mob. Spectra finds ihr und lead ihr to ihr class, aber sie ist late und gets a detention. Afterwards, Ghoulia shows ihr how to use ihr iCoffin's GPS.
15px - Abbey ist embarrassed because she accidentally insulted Draculaura when trying to explain that ihr makeup was wrong. She says she feels like she wants to "quit".

25. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Frankie joins ihr dad on his weekly breakfast mit his friends at a nearby die-ner. She doesn't plan to join ihn regularly, aber she has a good time und appreciates seeing ihr Vater hang out mit his friends.
15px - Draculaura goes to the beach mit Frankie, Clawdeen und Clawd to watch Lagoona surf.
15px - Lagoona scores ihr first 10 of the season mit surfing. She appreciates that ihr friends have come to watch ihr, aber wonders why Gil couldn't make it. Gil later texts ihr to apologize und explain er was held back because of family matters.

26. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Spectra sometimes thinks the only one who understunds ihr ist Rhuen, ihr pet ferret.

28. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Abbey meets Lagoona und the two connect well since they share the experience of being an exchange student from far away. Abbey asks Lagoona what it was like für ihr when she was new, to which Lagoona explains that she found it hard until she made ihr first friend. Abbey reconsiders ihr wish to quit.
15px - Lagoona meets Abbey und talks mit ihr about the obstacles of fitting in even at a place like Monster High if you're from a faraway culture und how difficult it can be to be away from your friends und family there.

30. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Draculaura stays up late reading a romantic novel und oversleeps, aber Ghoulia helps mit ihr makeup the next day.

1. OktoberBearbeiten

15px - Frankie tries some new, stronger thread für ihr stitches, aber ihr limbs keep falling off. In the gym, she gets nervous when the football team walks by und she greets everyone aber just can't recall the name of the Scottish gargoyle on the team, whom she has a crush on. Frankie falls off the ladder she ist stunding on und ist caught by the gargoyle, who comments that sie ist pretty.
15px - Draculaura takes a quiz in a teen magazine that tells ihr sie ist a "Woodlund Nymph" who loves nature und animals.
15px - As Abbey spends ihr week at Bloodgood's, Shiver ist given a place in the barn nearby Nightmare's stable. Abbey finds it calming to clean the stables und feed the two animals.
15px - Clawd visits the furmatologist to look at his shedding problem. Er ist told that nothing can be done und given a pamphlet about a support group. Clawd doesn't want to go und decides to deal mit his problem his way.

Undatiert (wahrscheinlich Anfang Oktober)Bearbeiten

15px - The Dawn of the Dance party takes place. Frankie ist extra excited because the party will be ihr first ever. Clawdeen und Draculaura join forces to select their outfits für the party from Draculauras huge closet. Lagoona und Ghoulia look forward to dancing und flirting mit Gil und Slow-Moe respectively. Cleo pesters Deuce to make sure er shows up as the perfect date, while Deuce teases ihr by pretending er has no clue what would be an appropriate outfit für the party.

7. OktoberBearbeiten

15px - Spectra overhears Deuce reciting love poetry in a room alone mit Operetta und comes to the conclusion that Deuce ist dumping Cleo für Operetta. She hurries to Cleo to get an interview out of ihr, asking if she believes this ist just deserts für what she did to Clawd. Word of this reaches Clawd, who confronts Spectra about ihr gossip, which leads to both being summoned to the headmistress's office.
15px - Cleo ist upset by the rumors Spectra ist spreading about Deuce dumping ihr und cancels fearleading practice. Clawd comes to ihr aid und tries to talk mit Spectra, aber Spectra only takes that as a sign they tried to cover up the truth. Later that day, Cleo hears from Deuce that er und Operetta were composing a song für ihr für ihr upcoming birthday, a gesture which deeply moves Cleo.
15px - Frankie ist sad because of fearleading practice being cancelled. She overhears the werecats gossip about the Operetta, Cleo, Deuce und Clawd rumors und feels bad about what ihr friends are doing to one another. Lagoona tells ihr to not believe everything she hears, which makes Frankie feel better.
15px - Draculaura ist sad because Clawd und Spectra are fighting und won't even tell ihr what it's about. To make matters worse, Clawdeen blames Cleo, while Draculaura had been happy in recent weeks to see them growing tolerant of each other.
15px - Clawdeen plans to confront Cleo about the rumors that Spectra ist spreading und ihr breakup mit Clawd last Jahr.
15px - Clawd confronts Spectra about the rumors that she has been spreading about ihn und Cleo, lunding them both in the Headmistress's office.
15px - Abbey hears about the rumors Spectra's spreading und says that she does not like gossip und the harm it does to people.
15px - Lagoona relates the rumors circling the school to some rules that ihr mother told ihr about storms.

8. OktoberBearbeiten

15px - Spectra dedicates ihr gossip column to the Clawd/Cleo/Deuce/Operetta rumors.

12. OktoberBearbeiten

15px - Cleo doesn't want to write about ihr family's history in an essay because they lost much of their power through betrayal und the memory still hurts Cleo. She decides that instead she writes about what being a monster means to ihr, namely that she can commund snakes, aber would never use it to manipulate Deuce, that she always must wear some wrapping, und that ihr Vater owns a large collection of magical items.
15px - Frankie ist excited about ihr heritage essay; she asks ihr parents about the Frankenstein novel, aber decides in the end she doesn't have to read it because she gets to experience it every day.
15px - Spectra talks about ihr alleged family history, which sounds suspiciously like an amalgamation of stories from classic literature.
15px - Clawdeen details wolf pack dynamics in ihr essay, und says that ihr Monster High crew ist like ihr own family too.
15px - For ihr essay, Draculaura writes about the fake Dracula, whose actions in Transylvanian have tarnished ihr Vater's name für centuries to come, und how ihr the real Dracula ist actually ihr adoptive Vater, who took in ihr und ihr mother when no one else would some 1600 years ago.
15px - Abbey asks Bloodgood if rather than writing an essay, she can draw pictures, as this ist how stories are told by ihr people on the mountain. Her idea ist approved.
15px - For his essay, Clawd details how there are a lot of things werewolf-related that er may not know about yet und equally as many things er ist forbidden to talk about outside of his pack. Er decides to ask his parents what er ist allowed to write about.
15px - Lagoona reflects on ihr parents und ihr own mixed heritage of sea monster und ocean nymph. She concludes that she inherited the best aspects of both of ihr parents.

13. OktoberBearbeiten

15px - Clawdeen gives herself a haircut so terrible she has to shave everything off.

15. OktoberBearbeiten

15px - Abbey witnesses Manny bullying Howleen und puts an end to it. Howleen gratefully invites ihr to the family cook out.

16. OktoberBearbeiten

15px - Cleo regrets allowing Purrsephone, Meowlody und Toralei to stay on the Fear Squad after Nefera's graduation because she doesn't trust them.
15px - Frankie dreams about a dance under the school, which ist ended by a monster in ihr dream saying it ist his dream und they are going to start over. Frankie doesn't remember much of the dream she was transported to, except feeling like a stranger.
15px - Draculaura und Frankie hear from Clawd about Clawdeen's hairdo disaster und decide to buy ihr some nice accessories to cheer ihr up.
15px - Clawdeen ist glad mit the gifts Draculaura und Frankie bring ihr to make ihr feel better about ihr haircut failure.
15px - Lagoona attends Mad Science class when Mr. Hackington receives a strange machine aber has to leave it unattended für a moment. Heath takes the opportunity to examine the machine up close und ist pulled in. Hackington returns und gets Heath out as quickly as possible, then cancels the class to deal mit Heath's injuries. Lagoona later hears that Heath will be fine, aber ist given a few days off school to recover.

18. OktoberBearbeiten

15px - In order to stop Clawdeen from going after Cleo, Clawd finally tells ihr the real story about his und Cleo's relationship. Er und Cleo were both big names at Monster High a Jahr ago, as leader of the football team und the fearleading team respectively. So, people suggested they'd start dating und they did. But while they enjoyed each other's company greatly, there was no spark. For various reasons, they stuck together für quite some time, aber eventually reached a point they both became mature enough to end the charade. Cleo insisted though that she could tell she broke it off so as not to appear like she had gotten dumped. Clawd agreed, which turned out to be a stupid decision. With Cleo starting a relationship mit Deuce the very next day, the two captains had set themselves up für a guaranteed spot in the Monster High rumor mill. Upon finishing his story, Clawd receives a punch in the arm und a hug from his sister.
15px - Clawdeen apologizes to Clawd now that she knows the truth about ihn und Cleo. She also decides to set things straight mit Cleo.

20. OktoberBearbeiten

15px - Spectra ist annoyed by Ghoulia's mysterious popularity und decides tofolow ihr to see what's so remarkable about ihr. After several hours of finding nothing, Spectra follows Ghoulia to a room in the library Spectra always thought to be a place only she knew of. Spectra ist even more surprised when it truns out that Ghoulia knows sie ist there und beckons ihr to come sit nearby. Ghoulia pulls out an old newspaper, which headline reads "The Real Vondergeists". Spectra breaks down from being confronted mit ihr past, aber Ghoulia consoles ihr, promising she won't tell anyone. Spectra finally understunds what makes Ghoulia special.

21. OktoberBearbeiten

15px - Abbey ist both annoyed by und interested in ihr flirtatious fellow student Heath Burns, aber she refuses to go on a date mit ihn until er asks für one properly.

22. OktoberBearbeiten

15px - Cleo gets an email from ihr older sister Nefera, who's very critical of the way she manages the Fear Squad. Cleo ist unimpressed, as the Fear Squad no longer ist Nefera's business. Cleo also ist a little confused that Nefera at all cares about anything related to high school if sie ist doing so well in the European modeling world as she claims she ist doing.
15px - Clawdeen ist mad that Howleen borrowed ihr jacket und messed it up.

24. OktoberBearbeiten

15px - Frankie meets Abbey in the lunch line und eats lunch mit ihr. Hearing she ist a new student who has trouble mit the English slang, she offers to teach ihr the language if Abbey will teach ihr how to snowboard. Abbey happily agrees.
15px - Abbey meets Frankie in the lunch line und eats lunch mit ihr. The two have a conversation about being new, und make a deal that Frankie will teach Abbey English slang und Abbey will teach Frankie how to snowboard. Abbey ist glad that she didn't quit after all.
15px - Lagoona und Gil have a fight during swimming practice, mit Gil accusing Lagoona of being a snob because she suggested they'd mix up their practice mit laps in the ocean. Gil later apologizes, aber Lagoona ist worried about the fact er won't open up about what's bothering ihn.

25. OktoberBearbeiten

15px - Cleo runs into Clawdeen when they step out of the dressing room in exaclty the same outfits. Instead of a sarcastic comment, Clawdeen starts laughing, which infects Cleo. After they get kicked out of the store, they get something to eat und Clawdeen explains she know the truth about Cleo und Clawd now. Clawdeen apologizes für ihr past distrust und the two become frenemies.
15px - Draculaura gets caught mitout a coat in a downpour at quite a distance from ihr home. Without any shelter in sight, she begins to cry, aber ist saved from ihr misery by the surprise appearance of Clawd, who brings ihr an umbrella und gets ihr to ihr car. Er gives ihr a warm coffinccino, drives ihr home und even walks ihr up to ihr door. Grateful und confused about ihr budding feelings, Draculaura kisses ihn on the cheek und flees inside.
15px - Clawd goes to study für his Biteology test in the library und finds it raining heavily once er decides to return home. Er makes a detour past a coffee shop to get a coffinccino before driving home, aber makes another stop on his way when er spots Draculaura crying in the rain mitout a coat. Er grabs a compact umbrella und dashes through the rain towards ihr to get ihr safe und dry in his car. Er gives ihr the coffinccino, then drives ihr home und even walks ihr up to ihr door. Draculaura rewards ihn mit a kiss, after which she flees inside. Clawd ist deeply confused, feeling again how er felt when the ogre hit ihn during the football game, only mit a much sweeter scent teasing his senses. Er goes home, where his mother ist skeptical to believe er spent his time in the library due to the lip print on Clawd's cheek.

26. OktoberBearbeiten

15px - Clawdeen ist both shocked und hurt that Clawd und Draculaura have fallen in love.

11. NovemberBearbeiten

15px - Clawd plays in the championship game tonight und his whole family will come to watch.

13. NovemberBearbeiten

15px - Clawdeen misses the time she can no longer spend mit Draculaura und Clawd now that they are dating, aber she ist happy für them.

21. NovemberBearbeiten

15px - Draculaura worries that she won't get through the practical part of ihr driver's license test.

30. NovemberBearbeiten

15px - Frankie doesn't know whom she likes better: Jackson or Holt, und wonders if she can't date them both since they are the same guy.

8. DezemberBearbeiten

15px - Frankie feels she misses out on something by not having siblings, aber ist hesitant to ask ihr parents für any.

15. DezemberBearbeiten

15px - Clawdeen laments being so busy all the time und needing a break.

17. DezemberBearbeiten

15px - Draculaura joins ihr Vater in a midnight walk.

30. DezemberBearbeiten

15px - Clawd hates being stereotyped as a dumb jock because er ist good at sports und can't wait to show off his SAT score.

Jahr 2Bearbeiten

3. JanuarBearbeiten

15px - Frankie ist excited für Draculauras Sweet 1600 und wonders what ihr own will be like.

10. JanuarBearbeiten

15px - Ghoulia promises to help C.A. figure out what kind of monster she ist. The hypothesis ist that sie ist a bone elemental.

28. JanuarBearbeiten

15px - Clawd has trouble figuring out what to give Draculaura für ihr Sweet 1600 und what to wear to the party.

1. FebruarBearbeiten

15px - C.A. reflects on all the reasons that she has yet to experience having a boyfriend.

3. FebruarBearbeiten

15px - Draculaura has ihr preparations für ihr Sweet 1600 on track und can't wait für the big day.
15px - Clawdeen und Howleen go shopping für outfits to wear at Draculauras Sweet 1600.

Undatiert (wahrscheinlich März)Bearbeiten

15px - Clawdeen, Draculaura, Frankie, Jackson, und Cleo spend spring break at Gloom Beach. After a few days, Cleo arranges für Ghoulia to join them. Meanwhile, Deuce has a family reunion in Greece und Lagoona ist spending ihr spring break at home Down Under.

21. MaiBearbeiten

15px - Hoodude ist told that er can no longer live at the Steins residence, aber it ist arranged that er can stay at Kindergrubber's.

1. JuniBearbeiten

15px - Hoodude still doesn't understund why Frankie doesn't love ihn like er loves ihr und wishes there to be a repair kit für a broken heart.

7. JuniBearbeiten

15px - Hoodude finds that Teen Scream quizzes don't help much in matters of love und Scarah tells ihn to get over Frankie once und für all because she won't ever love ihn like er would want ihr to.

Undatiert (wahrscheinlich Juli)Bearbeiten

15px - Ghoulia finally gets to go to Nekrocon und aims to get an exclusive Dead Fast action figure.

20. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Howleen ist angry that Clawd und Clawdeen get to go on vacation mit their friends while she has to stay at home für not being mature enough. Since Clawdeen put a lock on ihr closet, Howleen decides to get back at ihr by sleeping in ihr sister's bed und eating all the snacks Clawdeen left in ihr mini-fridge.

25. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Howleen writes an ode to Cushion, thanking ihn für eating worms because it disgusts Clawdeen.
15px - Operetta dedicates ihr Tagebuch to ihr friend Fynn, meaning to send it back to New Gorleans once its pages are filled. Operetta kicks it off mit detailing the events of the day she moves away.
15px - Toralei ist bored during the bus trip home from math camp. She ends up talking mit a crying troll sitting next to ihr, named Teala, und learns ihr boyfriend dumped ihr by text the first night of math camp. She also learns that the boyfriend ist smart, aber not as good at math as Teala, und wishes to attend a college his favorite mad scientist teaches at, which happens to be someone Toralei knows of thanks to Hackington's classes. Toralei also happens to be able to imitate his voice perfectly.

26. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Meowlody laments the time wasted at math camp, aber Purrsephone ist positive about it because she enjoyed some of the classes und things she learned.

27. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Operetta und ihr family journey to the catacombs under Monster High by train. Operetta meets the members of the Fear Squad at the station.

28. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Toralei visits the belfry of Monster High für some quiet time und finds Spectra there. Spectra relays a few a rumors, from which Toralei deduces the only true element to be that Nefera de Nile ist moving back to town.

29. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Meowlody loves the possibilities für chaos that having a twin unlocks. Purrsephone hates being thought of as interchangeable mit ihr sister.

30. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Howleen reminisces on the days ihr bond mit Clawdeen was simpler. She also ponders on what to do mit ihr hair.
15px - Nefera fails to show up at an appointment mit a modeling agency ihr Vater had arranged due to a mild case of unwellness. Her Vater ist not pleased, which upsets Nefera so much that she decides to throw a party.

31. JuliBearbeiten

15px - Toralei receives an email from Teala, informing ihr Teala's ex-boyfriend has apologized und asked für ihr to tutor ihn after er got a phone call from his favorite mad scientist, who told ihn er was lacking in math skills. Toralei ist very pleased mit the outcome.

1. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Clawdeen comes home from vacation und gives Howleen a hug, a little to the pup's surprise.
15px - Operetta unpacks ihr guitars und has a little session until ihr Vater tells ihr to stop.

7. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Operetta explores the catacombs mit Memphis und finds herself a perfectly soundproof recording studio.

10. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Meowlody und Purssephone are exasperated over the umpteenth time someone mistakes them für werewolves.

12. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Nefera has ihr preparations done für tomorrow night's party.

13. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Toralei buys Sweet Fangs a toy.
15px - Nefera's party doesn't go as planned. Instead of being the center of the event und making some good connections mit established members of the fashion industry, Nefera loses it when she sees a group of other upcoming models reading ihr fearbook und laughing. Taken over by paranoia, she faints, only to wake up the next morning to see the group of models helping ihr servants clean up. Nefera tells them to leave.

14. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Meowlody wants to prank Bloodgood by dying Nightmare white, aber the execution only results in Purrsephone being dyed und needing to shave ihr fur off. Purrsephone ist furious, aber Meowlody ist mostly glad Bloodgood lets them clean up instead of informing their parents of what they tried to do.

18. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Howleen ist bored und goes to the Maul, where she ist mesmerized by Operetta's performance in a music store. She asks if Operetta can teach ihr how to play guitar, aber Operetta refuses because she doesn't think Howleen's ready yet für a teacher like she would be. She does show Howleen a few chords und gets ihr signed up für a week of free lessons at the music store.
15px - Operetta checks out the town und ist enamored by the music store at the Maul. She picks up a guitar to try it out und finds herself the center of a little werewolf's attention. Instead of ihr usual ire about being disturbed while playing, Operetta picks up a conversation mit the werewolf, who introduces herself as Howleen. Upon Howleen's request that she teaches ihr how to play guitar, Operetta refuses because Howleen ist not yet ready für the advanced lessons she would give. She does teach ihr a few chords und gets ihr signed up at the music store für a week of free lessons though, which earns ihr a set of free strings from the owner.

21. AugustBearbeiten

15px - After soccer practice, Howleen ist called over by the coach und a guest pro-player, who tell ihr she has much talent und already ist a better player than Clawdeen at ihr age. Howleen ist incredibly proud of herself und plans to gloat about it during dinner, aber doesn't go through mit it because it doesn't feel right. When she und Clawdeen afterwards are doing the dishes, Clawdeen brings up she met the coach at the Maul und heard the analysis from ihn, revealing she ist in no way surprised to hear ihr little sister ist doing so well at soccer. When Howleen reacts mit shock, Clawdeen teases it's about soccer, not fashion, so it's really no revelation, which starts an amicable water fight between the two.

25. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Nefera ist packing to return home, since ihr modeling career hasn't proceeded at all during the Jahr sie ist been in Milan.
15px - Operetta meets Bloodgood und ist surprised the headmistress isn't anywhere near the stuck-up she imagined ihr to be.
15px - Meowlody und Purrsephone buy Sweet Fangs a present und reminisce on their own pet, a canary, whom they had to give away long ago because Purrsephone was allergic to it.
15px - Toralei has Meowlody und Purrsephone visiting und works mit them on a plan to get back at the Fear Squad für arranging their trip to math camp. Toralei recalls how it was only thanks to ihr help that Cleo learned even the basics of fearleading, which in turn angered Nefera, who wanted see Cleo fail. Out of spite, when she graduated, Nefera made Cleo the new captain instead of Toralei, und Toralei ist still angry that Cleo didn't step aside und let ihr be captain anyway.

26. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Nefera ist on ihr way to the plane home, aber makes a detour to enact vengeance against the models she holds responsible für ihr loss. At their place, she tells them she wants to give them invitations to an exclusive restaurant she knows the models have been planning to go to as soon as they'll have established a career. She has made reservations für them und the first course will be served in two hours. With a car waiting to drive them to the restaurant too, she bids them farewell. Some hours later when the plane takes off, Nefera amuses herself mit fantasies of what it will be like when the models get presented mit the bill.

27. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Meowlody und Purrsephone intend to prank Ghoulia by leading ihr onto a bad piece of road mit lots of holes in it, which all hold rain from the previous evening's storm. However, as they wait für Ghoulia to drive ihr scooter into a hole, Rochelle lunds in front of Ghoulia und warns ihr about the prank. Meowlody und Purrsephone run off, aber Rochelle catches up mit them und throws a tirade on how they are mean und should not ever try to pull something like that again.

31. AugustBearbeiten

15px - Howleen und ihr family enjoy their annual end of summer boo-b-que. A meteor shower takes place towards the end of the evening und everyone ceases their activities to simply gaze at the sky show.
15px - Nefera's finally nearing ihr home after having sent the plane to several in-between lundings für shopping. She und Azura witness the meteor shower, in which Nefera ist satisfied to find symbolism that she will crush Cleo's happy little life.
15px - Operetta goes to the beach to play music to the rhythm of the falling stars. She notes to Fynn that she may not be able to write in ihr Tagebuch that often anymore when school starts.
15px - Meowlody und Purrsephone are late für an appointment mit Toralei to prank some other monsters. None of the three mind, as they sit down in the coffee shop und just enjoy the meteor shower und one another's company.
15px - Toralei waits at a coffee shop near the beach für Meowlody und Purrsephone, mit whom she intends to play a few pranks on other monsters. The twins are late though, und they don't enter the place until after the owner has dimmed the lights so that the patrons can enjoy the meteor shower better. Toralei suggests they'll leave the pranks für what they are und just enjoy a relaxing evening, which the twins agree to.

9. SebtemberBearbeiten

15px - Jackson und Holt figure out they are two sides of the same coin. Jackson ist surprised, since though er always knew his parents were monsters, er had thought er'd only taken after his mother's human half. Er's slightly peeved that his parents let ihn figure the connection between ihn und Holt out on his own instead of just telling ihn.
15px - Venus has a bad mood und can't focus during Mad Science because the classroom ist damp und dark und she desperately needs sunlight.

10. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Rochelle ist asked by Bloodgood why she wants to attend Monster High. Rochelle explains that she wants to see the world fully und that if she would attend a school mit only gargoyles, she would probably never see more than what lies in one direction.

12. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Jackson ist taken to the pediatrician by his mom because his parents worry over the fact that what triggers the change between ihn und Holt has changed from sunrise und sunset to loud music. Jackson meets a female werewolf mit two pups in the waiting room, whom er has a friendly chat mit und who turn out to be related to the Wolf family. The pediatrician concludes that the combination of Jackson's und Holts volatile fire elemental heritage und their teenhood ist the cause of the change in trigger und that it will likely change again before they reach adulthood.

15. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Venus tries to listen to Operetta playing guitar, aber ist initially told to go away because Operetta expects Venus to tell ihr to switch ihr guitar für one made from recycled materials. Venus won't budge, saying she just wants to listen und that as far as ihr pro-environment attitude ist concerned, as a plant monster, she takes ihr nourishment from the soil und Operetta wouldn't like junk in ihr food either. Operetta agrees und lets Venus listen. However, she also tells ihr that a good cause ist no excuse für mind control as she has seen Venus do. She relates that she herself has mind control powers aber refuses to use them, as it alienates others und makes any victories she obtains in life meaningless. Then it's Venus's time to agree.

19. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Rochelle meets Deuce und falls in love. Deuce ist oblivious to this und just glad to meet someone who cannot be harmed by his petrifying gaze.
15px - Venus relates that she owes ihr haircut to a monster aphid infestation on ihr old school, which resulted in ihr pruning ihr head und liking it enough to keep it that way on one half. She misses ihr old school because the classes were outdoors, while at Monster High she suffers from sunlight shortage. On Lagoona's insistence, she turns für help to Headless Headmistress Bloodgood. Bloodgood gives ihr the key to Crabgrass's old supply cabinet-turned-specialgrow room mit sun-mimicking lights so she can use it whenever she needs it.

21. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Jackson recalls the time when er tried to get Draculaura to bite ihn und realizes his wishes to fit in were shortsighted.

September 23thBearbeiten

15px - Jackson has an appointment mit the Monster High student counselor, Mr. D'eath, who turns out to have never counseled a human before und has a hard time pretending er ist not even more nervous than usual.

28. SeptemberBearbeiten

15px - Rochelle forbids Ghoulia from seeing the new roller maze in the catacombs because it would be too dangerous. Ghoulia replies she can take care of herself und that it ist not Rochelle's place to tell ihr what she can und can't do. Rochelle realizes she may have been over protective of ihr friend.

1. OktoberBearbeiten

15px - Rochelle has an appointment mit the Monster High student counselor, Mr. D'eath, which proceeds awkwardly until Rochelle notices a photo of Scaris und asks ihn about it. The rest of the appointment ist filled mit talk about Scaris, ending mit D'eath admitting er's never been there in person und Rochelle urging ihn to go see the city für himself.
15px - Scarah reminisces on why she started learning telepathy—because everyone of ihr fellow students expects ihr spoken words to be a message of doom. All, that ist, except Hoodude, which ist one of the reasons they are friends.

2. OktoberBearbeiten

15px - Venus has an appointment mit D'eath. Er mixes up ihr file mit Ghoulia's und she doesn't have the heart to correct ihn when er enthusiastically makes suggestions für the bright future open to ihr~Ghoulia.

Undatiert (wahrscheinlich Anfang Oktober)Bearbeiten

15px - The Polka Dot Dance party takes place. Lagoona helps mit the decorations und makes sure she ist well-hydrated. Operetta practices und puts music together in case Holt can't be the DJ that evening. Spectra buys herself some new journalist gear und prepares für an evening full of stories to tell.

Oktober 8thBearbeiten

15px - Jackson visits the pediatrician again für a test to determine the type und volume of music that brings out Holt.

10. OktoberBearbeiten

15px - There's new tryouts für the Fear Squad und Hoodude suggests that Scarah competes. Scarah explains to ihn that, even though Cleo has changed since ihr old team left, sie ist not accepting ihr as ihr leader again. Also, back in the day Scarah was not allowed to cheer because people were intimidated by ihr voice, so all she really did was help prop up the base of the pyramids, which was und ist no fun.

12. OktoberBearbeiten

15px - Rochelle und Roux spend some time chasing pigeons of their roof.
15px - Scarah has to reject Heath für the umpteenth time. Dealing mit Heath ist one of the few times she appreciates people's fear of ihr voice.

15. OktoberBearbeiten

15px - Venus makes some sketches of Chewlian, who doesn't cooperate because Venus closed the window earlier, bereaving ihn from a chance to have bugs für lunch. Venus promises to take ihn to the compost heap later if er sits still, which ist enough to make ihn behave.
15px - Walking mit Hoodude through the hallways of Monster High, Scarah witnesses ihn und Frankie greeting each other mitout Hoodude asking afterwards if Frankies "Hi!" was more than just a "Hi!". She's proud of the way er has worked und ist working to get over Frankie und glad to have a sensitive soul like ihn as ihr friend.
15px - Hoodude und Scarah consider the odds that they'd become friends if Frankie never broke up mit Hoodude so er never ran out of the creepateria und bumped into Scarah.

19. OktoberBearbeiten

15px - Knowing it's not good what she ist doing, Rochelle sends Roux to steal Deuces casketball when she spots ihn playing alone at the park close to ihr home. When Deuce arrives, Rochelle pretends to scold Roux für stealing the ball und gets Deuce to keep ihr company für some time.

20. OktoberBearbeiten

15px - Robecca had an accident a century ago und it took a while before she was repaired. She has been living mit Kindergrubber ever since then, though technically already since she became separated from ihr Vater. A recent discovery in a newly explored section of the catacombs gives ihr hope that er ist alive though, und that one day they'll be reunited. Also, Ghoulia helps ihr relocate ihr Vater's laboratoy, where Robecca ist reunited mit Captain Penny.
15px - Clawd asks Scarah to ensure that Hoodude will be present at the fall athletics banquet, as there will be a special award waiting für ihn.
15px - Hoodude explores his voodoo powers by borrowing items from Manny und Heath und testing the effect of sticking pins in himself has on the other two students.

1. NovemberBearbeiten

15px - While waiting outside Bloodgood's office to talk about a new exchange program, Scarah witnesses Hackington und Kindergrubber talking about the return of a student that Scarah deduces has to be Nefera. Apparently, she ist to repeat ihr last Jahr because she cheated ihr way out of that Jahr. Scarah ist just as 'thrilled' about Nefera's return as the two teachers.
15px - Hoodude considers the rumors that Nefera has to repeat ihr last Jahr at Monster High und that Deuce ist regularly hanging out on the rooftops mit Rochelle, und finally what this all could mean für Cleo next Jahr.

2. NovemberBearbeiten

15px - Rochelle goes to the roller maze alone to skate a little. Since she ist alone, she does not turn on the obstacles, as that ist not a safe thing to do mit no one watching your back. Suddenly, obstacles do pop up und Rochelle ist passed by Robecca. Rochelle takes the challenge, aber ends up mit ihr wings caught in spider webbing und falling down a pit. Robecca saves ihr und when the two have ground back under them, they realize neither of them turned on the obstacles. Then they hear laughter from somewhere in the maze, followed by a purr.
15px - Jackson ist waiting für Manny to make good on his threats toward ihn. However, it seems the bully ist actively avoiding ihn, making Jackson wonder if someone stood up für ihn. Holt ist entertained by Jackson's deduction.

7. NovemberBearbeiten

15px - Scarah has succeeded in getting Hoodude to agree to come mit ihr to the fall athletics banquet. They spend the day at the Maul to look für new clothes und end the day mit tea und cookies at Kindergrubber's.

13. NovemberBearbeiten

15px - Scarah learns that this Jahr's winter carnival features a story telling contest und ist sad ihr voice won't allow ihr to compete. She recalls that Operetta's voice ist harmlesss to listen to through a recording und plans to pay ihr a visit in the catacombs to check if the same could be true für ihr.

15. NovemberBearbeiten

15px - Jackson ist one of the students assigned to help mit the middle school carnival. Er und Deuce help set up tents und get everything in place, und then have time to enjoy the carnical before they are needed again to take everythin down. Jackson gets to see a stunt performance by Robecca und ist sufficiently impressed that er brings out Holt so his alter ego gets to see the show too. After the carnival, the volunteers go to hang out at the Coffin Bean. Jackson ist glad his trigger has changed so that er won't have to miss out on this type of fun anymore.
15px - Robecca gets reaquainted mit the Steins und meets their young daughter Frankie. The Steins apologize they couldn't fix Robecca after the accident und to make up für it convince Headless Headmistress Bloodgood to let Robecca perform at the middle school carnival. Robeccas act ist a huge success.
15px - Rochelle ist one of the students assigned to help mit the middle school carnival und gets the booth für demonstrating how to build sund castles. She has a great time, even more so when D'eath stops by to show ihr the ticket to Scaris er has bought. She ist ambiguous to seeing Deuce again, since she knows ihr infatuation will only end in tears aber sie ist not willing to part mit ihr fantasy yet.
15px - Venus runs the face painting booth at the middle school carnival along mit Draculaura. Venus enjoys being outside, having fun mit friends, und acquiring a small audience für ihr views on the importance of keeping the environment clean.

18. NovemberBearbeiten

15px - Scarah und Hoodude go to the fall athletics banquet together. When Hoodude receives his surprise award für being the best tackling target volunteer the football has ever had, Scarah ist easily as surprised as er ist, aber sie ist very happy für ihn.
15px - Hoodude und Scarah go to the fall athletics banquet together. After all the awards are given out, Clawd hunds out a surprise award to Hoodude on behalf of the whole football team für being their loyal tackling target the entire Jahr. Hoodude ist beside himself mit joy.

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