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Staffel: Staffel 3
Titel US: A Perfect Match
Veröffentlichung US: Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2012
Veröffentlichung DE:
Vorherige: Bean Scare, Done That
Nächste: Hiss-toria
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Zusammenfassung Bearbeiten

Die Mädchen hoffen einen Partner für Abby für die Dot Dead Gorgeus Party zu finden. Darum betreiben sie Speed Dating.

Handlung Bearbeiten

The Dance of the Dead is next Friday and Draculaura, Abbey, Cleo, Clawdeen, and Frankie are full of excitement about it. During their conversation, it comes up that Abbey won't go to the dance because no boy asked her to be her date. The girls are flabberghasted, but before they can react properly, Heath approaches. He asks their attention, and specifically Abbey's, for a juggling act. He does well for about two seconds, after which he fails to catch all balls and two even land on his hand. Abbey's amused, but Draculaura sends him away. The girls suggest that Abbey tries speeddating to find herself a date for the dance, to which Abbey agrees.

The girls arrange everything for Abbey, and soon a long line of boys has formed for a chance to be her date. Cleo spots Heath in the line and gets the others to remove him, as none of them believe that he is not trying to pull a prank. Abbey, meanwhile, is rejecting one candidate after the other. With the line growing smaller, Heath returns and burns the clothes of the last candidate, which has him running off to extinguish the flames and the others distracted. Heath sneaks past to Abbey. He has just enough time to ask her to pick him before Abbey's friends send him away. Dejectedly, Heath makes his way to the door but trips, making Abbey laugh. As such, she accepts him as her date.

At the Dance of the Dead, Abbey and Heath are dancing when Cleo approaches them with a drink for Abbey. She asks Abbey why, of all her options, she picked Heath to be her date. Abbey answers that Heath makes her laugh. As if on cue, Heath fiery dance triggers the sprinklers, soaking him. Abbey gives him a friendly pat on the shoulder, accidentally freezing him.

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"Wusstest du schon, dass...?"-Fakten Bearbeiten

Referenzen Bearbeiten

  • Abbey choosing Heath as her date because he makes her laugh echoes the sentiment behind Jessica Rabbit's feelings for her husband in Falsches Spiel mit Roger Rabbit.


  • This webisode takes place before Ghouls Rule, if the introduction of speed-dating is anything to go by.

Fehler Bearbeiten

  • Heath throws up four balls, but five come down.

Weiteres Bearbeiten

  • According to the schedule published on the main website, this episode was to air on October 4th, whereas Bean Scare, Done That was to air on the eighteenth.
  • The joke of a one-eyed boy constantly 'winking' was also used in Ghouls Rule.
  • The animation of Ghoulia dancing with Slow-Moe is taken from New Ghoul @ School, whereas the animation of Lagoona dancing with Gil as well as the dancing of Frankie, Draculaura, and Clawdeen is taken from Fright On!.

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