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Staffel: Staffel 3
Titel US: Ghosts with Dirty Faces
Veröffentlichung US: Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2012
Veröffentlichung DE:
Vorherige: Uncommon Cold
Nächste: Hickmayleeun
Englische Folge auf YouTube

Zusammenfassung Bearbeiten

Staffel 3, Folge 4: A mysterious caper haunts Spectra as she tries to prove Heath's innocence.

Handlung Bearbeiten

Her name is Spectra Vondergeist and she's one of the many fish swimming in a sea of trouble. She thought her shift would be easy, but easy's never around when a man is involved. Heath Burns, the local trouble on the double, stepped into her office that night, begging for help. Seemed that someone was trying to set him up, bring down the blame on him for something he had no part in.

The case was forehead-deep in mystery goop. One statue was taken from the hallways, with only a few scorchmarks left to point at the perpetrator. Heath had been a smart kid to seek aid with Spectra; this was a case only her sixth sense for scoops could get to the bottom of. She went down the list of witnesses with efficiency only long, lone years on the job can earn you.

Finding many with a pale bone yet to pick with the burning bother, Spectra invited them all to the office of Kopflose Schulleiterin Bloodgood, the dame who would decide on Heath's fate. Her audience was reluctant, but Spectra was no quitter, she was a deliverer. With a face cast in steel, she interrogated those present on their grudges against Heath, proving that each of them was just a likely to have done away with the statue.

Feeding the tension, Spectra waited for the bubble to burst when Bloodgood received a phone call. Something about statue cleaners, blowtorches and Monday. When the Headless Headmistress was ready to acknowledge the rest of the room again, she gave everyone permission to leave. Spectra left the room content, secure in the knowledge that justice always got the lion's share while she was around.

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"Wusstest du schon, dass...?"-Fakten Bearbeiten

Referenzen Bearbeiten

  • The title is a play on Angels with Dirty Faces, a 1938 noir film; the narration and lingo in the webisode are also in noir style.

Fehler Bearbeiten

  • Gil has a pink Monster High emblem on his jacket which his model usually does not sport. The only other time he wears it is in "Miss Infearmation".
  • When Frankie responds to her interrogation, her left bolt is visible through her hair.
  • Toralei hops out of the door as if her legs are bound, but they aren't.

Weiteres Bearbeiten

  • Several shots from "Ghosts With Dirty Faces" will be reused in "Best Ghoulfriend". One shot in "Best Ghoulfriend", which fits right in, was not seen in "Ghosts With Dirty Faces" and thus may be unused material from this webisode.

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