Englischer Name: Little Dead Ridding Wolf (Little Red Ridding Hood)

Weitere Charakter im MärchenBearbeiten

  • Heath Burns: Seine Rolle entspricht dem "Böser Wolf".






Once upon a time there was a ghoul with a nose for trouble.


Little Dead Riding Wolf stood hooded in red, a bright full moon in the sky overhead.
A casket of goodies held in one paw, for her granwolf who was feeling kind of down in the claw.
"Now stick to the path, talk to none on the way; go straight to gran's house without delay."
"Yes mother," she said as she left with a bounce, little knowing there was some monster waiting to pounce.
And take the casket of goodies all for his own; she might have been more careful if only she'd known.
At the cross roads she saw him, his body aflame; an elemental of fire Heath Burns was his name.
"Hey Little Dead," he said with a shout, "it seems kind of late for you to be out."
"I'm headed to granwolf's with this casket of cheer and there's a full moon in the sky so I have nothing to fear."
Heath tried to engage her with frivolous chat but Little Dead was having none of that.
So he waited until she had vanished from view saying, "To get those goodies I know just what to do."
Heath would use a shortcut to granwolf's shack and dress up as her to get him that snack.
Then it was off to granwolf's by this secret route and he was delighted to find that she was out.
Heath had just snuggled into gran's four poster bed when a knock at the door signaled it must be Little Dead.
"Come in," he cried in his best granwolf growl, "I'm down in my paw and too weak to prowl."
"Just leave the goodies dear," her 'granwolf' said, "I'll have them tomorrow when I get out of bed."
But Little Dead's nose told her something wasn't right and
To the bedroom she went to check on gran's plight.
"Why granwolf your complexion looks so pale and taxed."
"Oh dearie it's because I just had myself waxed."
"Why granwolf it seems that your ears are too small."
"Oh dearie it's just because they're covered with my shawl."
"Why granwolf it seems you've lost your long pointed teeth and you can save the 'Oh Dearie', I know it's you Heath."
His plan now uncovered from the house Heath fled with granwolf's shawl still wrapped round his head.
And as Little Dead watched him escape into the trees, she thought "If Heath wanted a cupcake he should have just asked please."
...and they lived Scarily Ever After


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