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Monster High (Lexikon)!
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Monsterschaften Teil 2
Staffel: Staffel 2
Titel US: Monster Mashionals Part 2
Veröffentlichung US: Donnerstag, 17. November 2011
Veröffentlichung DE:
Vorherige: Monster Mashionals Part 1
Nächste: Dodgeskull
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Zusammenfassung Bearbeiten

Staffel 2, Folge 36: Cleo's Fear Squad takes Mashionals by storm, with a little help from the rest of the Monster High Student Bodies.

Handlung Bearbeiten

As Nefera prepares to cheat, Toralei confronts her and says that they don't need the idols, and that they can beat the B Squad on their own. However, Nefera refuses to listen and continues with her vile plan. Meanwhile, Cleo is almost in tears about how they can't possible beat Nefera with her tricks, but with a little, uplifting speech given by Deuce, she is just as ready as ever to beat Nefera.

While the ghouls are performing, Nefera attempts her idols and charms, to which all are blocked by the ghoul's friends. The first sends a magic spell at the ghouls, but Abbey freezes it in mid-air. The second turns out the stage lights, only for Heath to provide light with his flames long enough for Ghoulia to turn the lights back on. The third summons a royal guard who throws a disk at the Fearleaders, but Clawd catches it before it reaches them. The fourth summons a shadow-like monster that flies toward the stage, but Operetta shatters the idol with her voice causing the monster to vanish.

Nefera is soon reduced to her very last one, which summons a large Scargoyle behind the ghouls. However, Toralei and the Werecat Twins show up and scare it off when they bare their fangs. They say that they wanted to win, but not by cheating. The ghouls finish their performance without anymore interruptions and win Monster Mashionals.

Nefera shows her true colors when she snatches the trophy from the ghoul's hands and goes on and on about how since she is the coach, she techincally won. Ghoulia shows Scary Murphy a video of Nefera deploying her idols, to which Scary Murphy replies by stripping Nefera of all her fearleading awards. As the ghouls are lifted up by their friends, Cleo and Toralei (and her werecats) flash a friendly smile at each other.

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Referenzen Bearbeiten

  • The music that plays during the ghoul's routine is a version of the Toni Basil song, "Mickey", which many cheerleading squads use for their routines.


Fehler Bearbeiten

  • The competition's music does not turn Jackson into Holt.

Weiteres Bearbeiten

  • ​ Nefera is prone to the same glass-shattering scream as Cleo.
  • Sooo... things must be pretty awkward once the Monster High B-team returns from the competition. Because even though they won this year's Monster Mashionals, they also caused Monster High to lose its claim on four years worth of trophies ánd made the school look bad for supporting a cheating fearleader captain. Bloodgood and the school board can't possibly be happy with that.

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