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Maul Session
Status: Fanmade
Veröffentlichung: Früher Januar, 2012
Später April 2012
Später September 2012
Sortiment-Nummer: W9122
Model-Nummer: W9123 — Frankie Stein
W9124 — Cleo de Nile
W9125 — Spectra Vondergeist
W9126 — Toralei Stripe
X3662 — Abbey Bominable
X3663 — Clawdeen Wolf
X3664 — Lagoona Blue
X3665 — Operetta
X3721 — Coffin Bean mit Clawdeen Wolf
X4517 — Coffin Bean mit Clawdeen Wolf & Draculaura

The 'Maul Session' line is a nameless set of eight Maul-themed outfits and two versions of a playset. They were released in four waves. The first consists of a set of four outfits and was released in January 2012, and the second wave too consists of a set of four outfits, which was released in Late April 2012. The first set of clothes consists of clothes for Frankie Stein, Cleo de Nile, Spectra Vondergeist and Toralei Stripe, and the second set features ones for Operetta, Clawdeen Wolf, Lagoona Blue, and Abbey Bominable. In Late April 2012, a Coffin Bean playset was released that came with a Clawdeen Wolf doll. This playset was re-released later in Late September 2012 with a Draculaura doll as a Costco exclusive.

'Maul Session' is the fourth accessory-focussed line released, though as with the previous clothes-only lines, artwork has been made for the clothes-only products depicting each outfit's owner in a unique look.

The 'Maul Session' line is officially nameless, but was given a name by fans. In the case of this line, the original fan name given was 'Cursed Cafe' after a remark about some of the first photos of the line published. While usually the first fan name is latched onto without question, fans began to reject 'Cursed Cafe' after the line became better known and it became clear that the name didn't match the line's theme. Whereas Frankie's outfit and arguably Spectra's outfit place them in a cafe setting, Toralei's outfit is cinema-related and Cleo's about shopping. As a result, 'Cursed Cafe' was thought to not be an adequate name for the line, after which the less creative, but more accurate 'Maul Fashion' name arose. This name came from the fact the line overall is Maul-themed and that the word "fashion" is highlighted on the back of each pack of the first set of outfits. However, this was not true for the second set, let alone the playset, prompting another changing of the name. The name went from 'Maul Fashion' to 'Maul Session'.

The 'Maul Session' line has yet to be featured in any fiction.


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  • The two outfit sets are of the same line due to all of them having the same assortment number, W9122. The playset does not have that assortment number, on account of no playset having an assortment number, but it is thematically alike and the box features art and photos of Lagoona and Frankie in their 'Maul Session' clothes.

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