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Monster High (Lexikon)!
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Killer Style I
Status: Fanmade
Veröffentlichung: Ende Juni 2011
Sortiment-Nummer: W4138
Model-Nummer: W4139 — Frankie Stein
W4140 — Draculaura

The 'Killer Style I' doll line is a nameless doll line comprising the characters Draculaura and Frankie Stein. The line was released in Late June, 2011. The two dolls of the line are dressed up in simplified versions of the Day at the Maul clothes. Instead of the Day at the Maul accessories, the 'Killer Style I' dolls come with pet-themed keychains taken from the Freakey Ring & Mirror merchandise sets.


'Killer Style I' derives the 'Killer Style' part of its fan name from an eBay user who sold some of the first of these dolls in stock. It is assumed they based the name on the highlighted words of final sentence of the generic Monster High description on the boxes. Somehow this has led some fans to call the line 'Drop Dead Gorgeous!' instead, but 'Killer Style' is the more popular designation. A year later, a thematically akin and equally nameless line was released that by fans was lumped together with the first 'Killer Style' and also given that designation. However, the lines are not one and the same due to differing assortment numbers and thus the names 'Killer Style I' and 'Killer Style II' were created. Since there's no character overlap between the two lines though, the dolls are usually simply called 'Killer Style'.

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'Killer Style I' has been followed up by 'Killer Style II', which was released a year later. Both lines consist of two dolls in adapted outfits from contemporary fashion packs. In the case of 'Killer Style I', the original outfits come from the Day at the Maul line. The dolls are packed with the relevant pet-themed keychains from the Freakey Ring & Mirror sets.

'Killer Style I' Frankie lacks the belt, purse, bracelet, ring, and necklace of the Day at the Maul outfit. Her earrings are all black and the colors of both her shoes and pants are limited to grey and black.

Draculaura's 'Killer Style I' version does not have the purse and hairpin that come with the Day at the Maul outfit. Her earrings and shoes are all pink, and the bows present on the Day at the Maul version of her socks are not present.


The doll logs that come with 'Killer Style I' are limited to two quotes per character, one printed within the package, the other on the back.


'Killer Style I' has not been featured in any fiction.


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  • Despite no being included with the doll, the artwork of 'Killer Style I' Frankie features the Day at the Maul-only necklace.
  • Even though the dolls were only an exclusive to a store called Smyth's in the UK, both dolls were found in Safeway stores and Costco in the USA.
  • 'Killer Style I' Draculaura is often confused for and has been secondhand sold as her unreleased Classroom doll.

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