Englischer Name: Threadarella (Cinderella)

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Once upon a time there was a ghoul who wished for more.


Once there was a lovely ghoul whose heart was sweet and kind, she sewed all day with no time for play but for a better unlife she pined.
Her name was Threadarella and she lived with her step sisters three, who were totally catty and even quite bratty, not nearly as nice as she.
One day Threadarella told them about her grandest dreams but they shook their heads and laughed as they said, "You'll just fall apart at the seams."
That's when an invitation arrived from the king's own hand; it summoned all but great and small to a party that would be oh so grand.
Now Threadarella was filled with excitement thinking that she might attend; but her stepsisters said, "No!" "You cannot go—you'll have far too many clothes to mend."
So came the night of the party and poor Threadarella sat alone in the dark, that she couldn't be there was too much to bear and she let out a sad little spark.
"Stop with weeping and wailing," a voice from behind her said, "You'll just soak clothes and get runny nose; you should go to party instead."
Threadarella was too shocked to be frightened and quickly turned to behold, an abominable sight glowing with light and totally blue from cold.
"I am fairy ghoulmother here to help make dream come true, no time to waste now make with the haste, all things are ready but you."
Then she pulled out her wand and magic swirled round like flakes of shimmering snow; Threadrella's clothes were changed, her hair arranged and she was finally ready to go.
As Threadarella climbed into a waiting carriage her fairy ghoulmother grabbed a sleeve, "Not to forget or you will regret, you must before midnight leave."
At the party Threadarella's grace and beauty set her apart from every guest, and her stepsisters three wondered who she could be, along with all of the rest.
Threadarella danced with two princes one shy, the other bold but throughout the night they were never both in sight which was a little strange truth be told.
She was dancing again with the shy one when the first stroke of midnight rang through. She said, "It's been great but it's really late and now it's time I flew!"
As she hurried away from the castle she lost a shoe and the foot it was on, she slipped and tripped and when the clock struck twelve all the magic was gone.
Threadarella awoke the next morning to the sound of horses and chatter, she snuck upstairs completely unawares to see what was the matter.
She opened the door just a bit and peeked in with her green eye, there holding her shoe with the foot in it too, was a prince, not the one who was shy.
Her stepsisters seemed to be saying that no monster here lacked that part, but he didn't believe and refused to leave, he was not only cute but smart.
Then Threadarella had a burst of courage and started to step through the door, but her missing foot she forgot-the other one caught-and she stumbled straight to the floor.
The prince rushed over to help her, saying "M'Lady this foot must be thine," all Threadarella could say was simply "Hey" and for a better unlife she'd not pine.
...and they lived Scarily Ever After

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