The Dead Fast/Nekrocon subplot is about Ghoulia Yelps's desire to attend the Nekrocon fan convention and her love for zombie comic superhero Dead Fast of the same-named franchise.

It was tied into San Diego Comic-Con International 2011, at which Mattel had a booth.

Related content spanned the entire Monster High franchise, from books to dolls to webisodes.

  • Ghoulia's 'Basic' and Dawn of the Dance diaries narrate Ghoulia's first encounter with and eventual fanhood of the Dead Fast comic books.
  • In Chapter 13: Slow and Tell, Ghoulia's parents refuse to let her attend the first-ever zombie fan convention. Tickets to the event quickly sell out, but Ghoulia learns that she can get an all-access pass by entering a writing contest; she decides to create a comic book, which Jackson Jekyll will illustrate.
  • Ghoulia supposedly wins the contest, and attends the convention dressed as "Dead Fast", a zombie who is bitten by a radioactive hummingbird and gains the power of super speed. San Diego Comic-Con International attendees had a chance to purchase a limited-edition doll version of Ghoulia dressed as her Dead Fast-themed OC. A mini-diary accompanied the doll.
  • The webisode "Daydream of the Dead" diverges slightly from the main storyline; in it, Ghoulia's parents forbade her from attending the convention, and her main desire is to obtain the #0 limited Dead Fast comic book which is being raffled off there; Cleo de Nile orders each of her 10,000 servants to buy a raffle ticket, and secretly wins the comic for Ghoulia.
  • Ghoulia is a member of the Monster High Comic Book Club, and her outfit includes a Dead Fast t-shirt, a Dead Fast action figure (still in its case) and a Dead Fast comic.

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