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Day at the Maul
Status: Official
Veröffentlichung: Anfang Juli 2011
Sortiment-Nummer: None
Model-Nummer: V7969 — Fashion Pack

The Day at the Maul line is a single pack of two outfits meant for Draculaura and Frankie Stein, a few accessories for Clawdeen Wolf, and two doll-sized tote bags. It was released in Anfang Juli 2011.


As is the case with the majority of the fashion pack lines, Day at the Maul gets its name from information printed on the box, but the name is not trademarked.

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The outfits of Draculaura and Frankie Stein in the Day at the Maul fashion pack have been simplified and put on dolls for the 'Killer Style I' line. Almost all accessories of the outfits, let alone the ones of Clawdeen and the fashion pack itself, are unique to Day at the Maul and aren't sold as part of 'Killer Style I'.

Frankie's Day at the Maul outfit, compared to the 'Killer Style I' one, comes with a belt, purse, bracelet, ring, and necklace. Her earrings are black with grey lightning bolts, and her shoes sport a combination of grey, red, and blue against a black background.

The Day at the Maul outfit of Draculaura comes with a purse and hairpin that the 'Killer Style I' one lacks. Her earrings are primarily white, pink only being present on the earrings' bows. Her shoes are primarily pink, but sport grey soles. Her Day at the Maul socks are decorated with pink bows, while the 'Killer Style I' ones are blank.

Clawdeen's Day at the Maul purse has been repainted in gold and re-released as part of her 'Killer Style II' release.


The Day at the Maul Doll logs comprise one quote on the back of the box and an excerpt from Draculaura's 'School's Out' diary, specifically the 16 October entry. Only the final line differs between the actual diary and the excerpt, going from "Of course we bought some things for ourselves too :)" to "Check out the scary cute things we put together for her."


Though the Day at the Maul outfits and accessories have not been featured in fiction, the set plays in on the event described in Clawdeen's and Draculaura's 'School's Out' diary entries of 16 October. They read that Clawdeen ruined her hair immensely and locked herself in her room for three days. To cheer her up, Frankie and Draculaura went to the Maul and bought her new clothes and accesories, which are the items available in the Day at the Maul set.


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  • The stockphoto of Day at the Maul does not feature the two tote bags, Frankie's ring, and the red pieces of decoration on Frankie's vest and belt.

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