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Monster High (Lexikon)!
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Das Frankenstein-Labor
Staffel: Staffel 3
Titel US: HooDude VooDoo
Veröffentlichung US: Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2012
Veröffentlichung DE:
Vorherige: Honey, I Shrunk the Ghouls
Nächste: Undo the Voodoo
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Staffel 3, Folge 17: Hoodude makes an unlikely friend when he tags along with the ghouls on a scary-cool catacomb adventure.

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The ghouls go down to the catacombs to see the lab of Frankie's father when he used to attend in Monster High. On their way there, they bumped into Hoodude, who wants to tag along with them. The ghouls refused, but Frankie said that Hoodude was lonely and that she allowed him to come. Clawdeen shows the biggest refusal, saying that there's nothing but trouble everywhere he goes. After Hoodude promised not to touch anything, Frankie Stein convinced the ghouls by saying, "it's the nice thing to do."

After opening the door to Frankenstein's laboratory, Hoodude accidentally reveals a cage containing a small cat. Hoodude asked if it's dangerous, to which Clawdeen replied, "Yeah, dangerously cute!", finding no harm in it. She reaches in to pet it, but the cat suddenly roared, revealing it's massive mouth and rows of razor sharp teeth. Clawdeen tried to pull her arm out of the cage, but her jacket's caught on a nail. In a moment of bravery, Hoodude pushes her aside and is dragged in the cage himself, where he finds himself treated as a new chewtoy. Since Hoodude doesn't feel physical pain, no one was hurt except for Heath Burns, who feels the biting sensation a few floors above the ghouls.

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"Wusstest du schon, dass...?"-Fakten Bearbeiten


  • Clawdeen's tendency to claim fortunate events as the result of her wisdom when in fact she had advised oppositely is something that hasn't been seen since the Volume 1 webisodes "Cyrano de Ghoulia" and "Parent-Creature Conference".

Fehler Bearbeiten

  • Hoodude's animation when he dramatically asks "Why?" is reversed animation from "HooDoo You Like?". Therefore, Hoodude's eye colors are reversed.
  • Hoodude's eye colors also are reversed when the group enters the laboratory.
  • Draculaura says it's "Frankenstein's laboratory". Frankenstein is the scientist, not the monster, and Frankie's father is well-established to be the monster and to be named Stein.
  • Hoodude's eye colors are reversed once more when he uncovers the secret compartment of the laboratory.

Weiteres Bearbeiten

  • "HooDude VooDoo" was on the Webseite schedule announced for July 19, while July 5 was to be a "Special! Stay Tuned". Evidently, this special was "We Stop Hate", which aired on July 19 instead.
  • This webisode is not on the Monster High website.

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