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Monster High (Lexikon)!
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Cleo de Nile and Deuce Gorgon are the original Monster High couple. They started officially dating the day after Cleo and Clawd Wolf broke up (though it was claimed that Cleo dumped Clawd, mostly because Cleo didn't want other students thinking that the fear captain got dumped).

In the Books, their relationship is somewhat strained after Cleo kissed Jackson, and Melody retaliates, by going to the dance with Deuce (but only as friends). By the second book they make up, when Deuce gives her Hissette (his mother's first grey hair).

In the websiodes, they aren't seen hanging out together much.

In "HooDoo You Like?" Cleo claims that Deuce sometimes drives her crazy, but it is clear that she loves him. In "New Ghoul @ School," Cleo got very upset when she assumed that Deuce was cheating on her, and in "Here Comes Treble" she was very excited and happy that Deuce wrote her a song.

Cleo does have a hard time trusting that Deuce will be faithful in their relationship (for example: in "The Bermuda Love Triangle" she was spying on Deuce and Operetta) this is most probably due to the fact that she loves him and is scared to lose him. Or her popularity. Monster- oder Musterschule (Fright-On!) Deuce is also shown to be very patient with Cleo, as he often goes along with what she tells him to do, even if he doesn't want to. (Example: In "Monster- oder Musterschule" he went along with Cleo when she wanted to show Gory that she and Deuce were a better couple then her and Bram). In ghouls rule Cleo and Deuce broke up after she and her group try to vandalize New Salem High.