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Monster High (Lexikon)!
Diary - SDCC Ghoulia icon
Status: Fanmade
Veröffentlichung: Anfang November, 2011
Mitte Januar, 2012
Ende Februar, 2012
Ende März, 2012
Sortiment-Nummer: N2851
Model-Nummer: W9115 — Nefera de Nile
W9116 — Operetta
W9117 — Toralei Stripe
W9215 — 2-pack (Meowlody und Purrsephone)
X5227 — 2er-Pack (Clawdeen Wolf & Howleen Wolf)

The Campus Stroll doll line is the third subline of a franchise-spanning main line of dolls that features the characters in their non-themed, day-to-day outfits. This main line, and as a consequence its sublines too, is without a name, which emphasizes the line's lack of theme. The third subline received the name 'Campus Stroll' from fans as a way to distinguish its dolls, specifically the Clawdeen Wolf one, from the previous main line releases. Unlike the concentrated releases of the previous sublines, 'Campus Stroll' was released gradually von Dezember 2011 bis März 2012. The characters found in the Campus Stroll line are Toralei Stripe (November), Operetta and Nefera de Nile (Januar), Purrsephone und Meowlody (2-pack, February), and Howleen Wolf and Clawdeen Wolf (2er-Pack, März).

Within the fandom, there are two interpretations to the term Campus Stroll and with that the way the main line is divided. As with 'School's Out', most fans apply the term 'Campus Stroll' only to the dolls that have no previous release in the main line, while the rest is considered 'Basic'. In contrast, the Monster High wiki goes with the less common approach of only applying the term 'Basic' to the first eight main subline dolls, and all the later whatever their subline is called, because there is unity in each subline in terms of marketing, release period and diary content. Selecting within a subline denounces that unity and makes it more difficult to describe its position within the franchise. It would also prioritize the term 'Basic' over other subline names, while all are equally unofficial. 'Campus Stroll' was picked up as the fans' name for the third subline as an adaption of Argos's Clawdeen & Howleen 2-pack promotional description, which is: "Clawdeen and her younger sister Howleen are the coolest werewolf sisters on campus with their trendy fashion sense."

The 'Campus Stroll' line received one commercial, centered around Toralei, Operetta, and Nefera.

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  • Both 2-packs in Campus Stroll lack brushes and doll stands.
  • The Howleen & Clawdeen 2-pack was momentarily available in February in the UK. This was followed by several weeks without the 2-pack.

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