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Monster High (Lexikon)!
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Heath und Abbey sind bis jetzt noch kein wirkliches Paar, es wurde allerdings in Abbey Bombinables Tagebuch erwähnt, dass Beide zusammen kommen würde. Heath wurde von Abbey "abgelehnt" wegen seinem und ihren Aussehen. Abbey wartet auf Heath, damit er sie wahrscheinlich ausfragen würde (in ihrem Tagebuch). Es ist unbekannt, wie dies transpiriert werden sollte. It may be in some sort of mountain fashion, but it is most likely he is supposed to just say the words "Would you like to go out?"

In the 2012 special "Mega Monsterparty", the two have become a bit closer, even though Heath still appears to have insecurity issues about girls. When the normies pranked the school, Abbey shields Heath from a violent attack of pumpkins, which he appears grateful for until Manny Taur mocks him for being 'saved by a girl', and in embarassment he rejects her. Abbey doesn't understand this, since in her village the girls are completely equal to the boys. Throughout the movie, Heath attempts to save her in an effort to assert his chivalry, which fails every time and seems to get him into more trouble. During the normie Halloween party, Heath tries to dance with Abbey but two normie boys get in the way, which leaves him depressed until food steals his interests. At the end party between the humans and monsters, Heath manages to save Abbey from a large ice yeti by shooting a fireball at it, and she claims that in her country when a boy saves a girl from a yeti it is an invitation to dance.

Also, in "A Perfect Match", Abbey was forced into speed dating by her ghoulfriends for a date for the upcoming dance. After several different boys attempt to woo her, and fail, Heath sneaks in to see her and asks her to the dance. But the ghouls catch him and as he is forced out of the room, he trips and falls on his face, making Abbey laugh, and she accepts his offer. At the dance, Cleo asks why out of all the boys in school, she chose Heath, to which Abbey replies that he makes her laugh.